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An Alien Periodic Table

To correctly place given physical and chemical properties of unknown elements in a blank periodic table.


Background Information

††††††† Earthís scientists have announced that they have made radio contact with intelligent life on a distant planet.One of this alien plantís languages has been translated, and scientific information had begun to be exchanged.The planet is composted of the same elements as Earth.However, the inhabitants of the planet have different names and symbols for them.Since the alien scientists do not know the names of our element, they have radioed the following data on the known properties of the elements.Strangely, but luckily, there are no transitions or rare earth elements on the alien planet.This means that their periodic table consists only of the ďAĒ groups of elements, also known as representative elements.The data are as follows:


1.   The inert (noble) gases are bombal (Bo), wobble (Wo), jeptum (J), and logon (L).Bombal (Bo) is a noble gas but does not have 8 valence electrons.The outside energy level of logon (L) is in the second energy level.Of these noble gases, wobble (Wo) has the greatest atomic mass.

2.   The alkali metals are xtalt(x), byyou (By), chow (Ch), and quackzil (Q).Of these alkali metals, chow (Ch) has the lowest atomic mass.Quackzil (Q) is in the same period as wobble (Wo).

3.   The halogens are apstrom (A), vulcania (V), and kratt (Kt).Vulcania (V) is in the same period as quackzil (Q) and wobble (Wo).

4.   The metalloids are Ernst (E), highho (Hi), terriblum (T), and sississ (Ss).Sississ (Ss) is the metalloid with the highest atomic mass.Ernst (E) is the metalloid with the lowest atomic mass.Highho (Hi) and terriblum (T) are in Group XIV.T has more protons the Hi.The element called yazzer (Yz) is a metalloid by location but has properties that suggest it is a light metal.

5.   The most metallic element on the planet is called xtalt (X).The most chemically active nonmetal on the planet is called apstrom (A).The lightest element on the planet is called pfsst (Pf).The heaviest element on the planet is elrado (El) and is highly radioactive.

6.   The chemical makeup of the alien planetís oceans seems to be about the same as Earthís oceans.When sea water is distilled, the liquid that is boiled off and then condensed has been show to have molecules consisted of two atoms of pfsst (Pf) and one atom of nuutye (Nu).The solid left behind after the distillation consists mainly of a crystal made up of the elements byyou (By) and kratt (Kt).

7.   The element called doggone (D) has only 4 protons in its atom.

8.   Floxxit (Fx) is a black crystal and has 4 electrons in its outermost energy level.Both rhaatrap (R) and doadeer (Do) have atoms with four energy levels.But rhaatrap is less metallic than doadeer.

9.   Magnificon (M), goldy (G), and sississ (Ss) are all members of Group XV.Goldy has fewer total electrons than magnificon.

10.                    Urrp (Up), oz (Oz), and nuutye (Nu) all gain 2 electrons.Nuuetye is diatomic and Oz has a lower atomic number than urrp.

11.                    The element anatom (An) tends to lose 3 electrons.The elements zapper (Z) and pie (Pi) both lose 2 electrons†† Pie loses them from its fifth energy level, while zapper loses them from its third.



††††††† Cut out the alien element symbols on the other page and use the data above to arrange the symbols on a blank to periodic.The symbol is given in parentheses after the element name in the data statements.Once you are certain that your alien periodic table is arranged properly, glue each element symbol to its correct spot to form your completed alien periodic table.





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